Passlocker 1.1.11

for Android 1.6+ 

Download PassLocker which will store all your passwords on your phone, all safely encrypted. Put all your passwords in one place storing important and non important site details. Use unique passwords to prevent your important sites being hacked.

Main passlocker screen add new item passlocker screen change passlocker settings screen

Market Download

Passlocker 1.3.9

for Window 7 (32bit)

Our windows version allowing you to sync your passwords and important information between your phone tablet and PC with the simple click of the sync button. Import existing usernames and passwords using the import button on the desktop application. Quickly access your passwords using Control + Alt + P to open PassLocker for Windows.

Passlocker windows version



★ Bug fix

★ Random password generator added
★ Multiple lines for any "note" field

★ Only syncs changes between devices.
★ Sync status detail


★ More advanced Sync
★ Allow view Deleted Items
★ Performance Increase

★ Added Windows hotkey for quick access.
★ Search bar has first focus for quicker searching
★ Sync only sends and recieves updated data since last sync.